Interior Photography | How to take beautiful interior photographs

Interior Photography

With people taking more photographs then ever before and having access to some great camera equipment it's not only important to learn how to use your kit but equally how to set up your subject. 

As an interior photographer I am often asked how to get the best out of a room, and especially by those who are taking it into their own hands when it comes to shooting profile images of their homes on sites such as Airbnb.  Which is why I wanted to share with you a few tips that I use that may help if you fancy a bit of DIY.

Firstly light.  Make the most of any possible natural light.  Shooting at dusk or dawn when the light is softer often works best.  It's advisable not to shoot at night, using a flash as this creates glare and distorts colours. Instead shoot in the day and if it's slightly dull then add a bit of light to the dark areas and use a flash then. 

Next is focus and exposure.  The better kit you have the better the image and ideally using a tripod and taking a long exposure works well.   A blurred image will not showcase your room well.  If you don't have a tripod trying resting your arm on something at waist height to steady your hand.

Dressing the room and staging is very important.  I personally like to keep things fairly natural looking and not too staged.  Try to incorporate an element of livability into the space - such as books on the coffee table.

Getting the composition of images is important to give your audience a feel for the space and style.  Mixing up your images between wide angle and tighter detailed shots always work well. For wide angle try to shoot lower to the ground, at about the height of light switches in a room. Shooting from standing height can often make the furniture look distorted.  

But more than anything play around, take lots of images whilst thinking about these points and figure out what works best.  Happy snapping!