Product Photography | Why are product images important?

Product Photography

You may have an online store, or sell the odd piece on eBay, or perhaps have a website that entices people to visit your high street shop.  Whatever the case, your product images are one of the most important factors when trying to sell your wares.

And here’s why…

Product photographs show your customers the details that words simply cannot get across. 

When looking for a product a photograph will capture your customers attention first.   You may write some nifty text but they are much more likely to go straight for the images before reading anything.  Whether they’re looking for a certain colour, size or style the image could make or break them going any further.

By giving them clear, well laid out images you will help your customer get a sense for the products.  And by seeing your product from different angles will also give them the feel as if they are physically holding it.

High quality images, taken in the correct lighting will allow the texture and colour of your products to be as true to the eye as if the customer was seeing it in person.

Not only are you helping the customer decide whether your product is a good fit for what they are looking for, you are also promoting your brand by letting your customers know that you provide a high quality product and service.

Obviously the copy that is written to accompany the image is just as important so don’t let that slip by the way side.

To find out some useful tips on how to photograph your products and show them at their very best, stay tuned.

And thank you to the lovely Jangneus Designs for their wonderful products featured here that I was asked to photograph a while back!