Portrait Photography | What does your profile picture really say about you?

Portrait Photography

Although people don’t want to admit to it, for the thought of sounding shallow, it is known that in just a split second of seeing a picture of someone you will have already created an instant opinion of them.  Of course this may change as time goes on but as they say, first impressions really do count.

So what do you want your profile picture to say about you?  Well depending on what you are using it for – business or pleasure, you may only want to give certain hints away as to what you are really like.  You certainly don’t want a prospective boss thinking that you’re a bit of a good time girl– when your picture shows you propping up a bar on your summer holiday in Ibiza and you wouldn't want a possible future partner thinking you don't look much fun wearing a suit and tie when in fact you're a pretty easy going, fun loving kind of guy.    

So whether you’re looking for a profile picture for LinkedIn, Facebook, Tinder or many of the other social media platforms out there – don’t leave it to chance by just making do with an old photo you found on your phone.  Get a professional photographer to give you the advice and expertise needed to capture exactly what you need to show off.

Hop on over to my portrait porfolio here to see some different examples of how your profile can be taken or get in touch for a chat.