Product Photography | Nina Brooke Seascape Artist

I was recently asked to photograph the recent work of the wonderful seascape artist Nina Brooke. Nina's paintings have hung alongside Lucian Freud at the Gallery in London back in 2008 so I was rather excited to capture them.

Nina is particularly interested in the effect that the Ocean has on the human health and mindset.  Ever-inspired by the moment of water and light over distance and time, Nina’s aim is to create a peaceful and calm space of contentment that reflects a moment of being by the Ocean.  With Cornish and Caribbean roots, she has grown aware of the delight that the Ocean brings when present, weather it’s hot or cold!

Currently based between London and Cornwall. Nina grew up on the north coast of Cornwall in Rock, where she started painting.  After graduating with a First Class Degree at Falmouth University School of Art in 2014 she led on to explore new subject matters. 

"My work originates from being attached to the Ocean. Whether walking on the beach in the bleak winter or plunging into the summer surf. It's an obsession that I wish to project into my work.  Taking all these surroundings in, I reproduce these elements of tranquility, fun and contentment that you whiteness in coastal spaces.

Working primarily with paint and non-traditional materials, my recent work is a reflection of the water, and in some cases - people swimming it it! I like to keep the paint moving,working with high energy, meaning less thinking, more doing - that way I can keep the motion of the piece. 

The sea swimmers are my latest collection. Keeping the work abstract and fun I am exploring new colour palates and compositions. The future will be focusing on the swimmers and watching where they will take me."

Nina Brooke